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We are all about efficiency and with two decades in the tint business, we are familiar with the questions that people tend to ask. So, to save us both time, we have placed your answers below. Please read and inform yourself before moving on. The information is not just a bunch of fluffy copy filler. There is valid, current, and real information to be understood about Tintek and the tinting process. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! (702) 624-0472 If we miss your call, please text us with your question and we’ll reply ASAP.

Can you tint in the parking lot at my office?

In order for us to come to your location, you must have a garage at home or a bay at work. We do not tint outside or under awnings. It isn’t about the sun, it is about the wind and breezes. We do offer a valet service for an additional charge of $40. Meaning, we will come and pick your vehicle up, tint it, and return it to you as a convenience.

Do you offer a warranty?

Every installation is backed by a lifetime manufacturers warranty against film failure and we personally guarantee your satisfaction with the utmost integrity. Keep in mind, however, if you choose a film that exceeds the legal limit of 35%, or tint your entire windshield, we do not provide you with any documentation. We imagine that you understand this.

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Do you offer any discounts?

We are primarily a mobile service and the pricing you will see below reflects the mobile option.

  1. If you wish to bring your car to us, we will deduct 10% from the prices you see below.
  2. We also offer multiple car discounts with our mobile service, so round the troops and you’ll all save money.
  3. Our sweetest deal is when you get 500sq ft or more tinted on your home or office, we will tint one car for free.

What are the tint laws?

In short, the legal limit is 35% on your front two doors and no complete or full windshield coverage. Let’s just say it how it is, it’s a revenue generator for the city. Which we translate as “legislative bullshit“. If you are concerned about the legalities, please click here to see the Nevada state laws regarding window films. I wouldn’t sweat it though, there is a loophole, of course. You can simply fill out this bullshit application for “window tint exemption” and you’re off the hook, once approved 😉

How dark will you tint my windows?

We will tint your windows any shade you wish. We will “limo” tint your vehicle (5%) if that is what you choose, after explaining to you the potential legal ramifications and safety considerations.

Can you do a glare/visor strip across the top of the windshield?

We offer glare/visor strips for an additional $50 to the rates you see below.

Can you tint the entire windshield?

We offer complete windshield tinting for an additional $100 to the rates you see below.

Do you tint sun/pano roofs?

Yes. The cost, in addition to the rates you see below, will be determined upon arrival.

Can you tint my two front doors to match?

Yes. Many vehicles these days come with “privacy glass” on the windows behind the driver. We can match it perfectly for $100. Keep in mind, privacy glass does not reject heat the same way advanced film technology does. If you are leasing your vehicle, we understand not wanting to invest the money. However, if you own it, we highly suggest tinting in addition to your privacy glass, as it will greatly enhance the comfort of your ride. Even our lightest film rejects about 50% more of the heat than privacy glass alone.

Are you licensed, insured, and certified?

Yes! We are licensed, insured, and certified!

How soon can I get it done?

Depending on the season we can almost always get you in the same week. Sometimes, but rarely, next day. We operate by appointment only and our books tend to fill up quickly as people tend to very much appreciate the mobile service. A good homemade apple pie takes hours to prepare, cook, and enjoy. So, we appreciate your patience and willingness to not settle for a microwaved McTint.

What type of payment do you accept?

What business, in their right mind, would limit their ability to collect payment?

Do you tint houses and businesses?

Yes, of course. Boats, RV’s, and specialty projects as well.

What type of film do you use?

There are a plethora of film manufacturers out there and we have honed in on the most reliable and stable films in the industry. We prefer Solar Gard and ASWF. They are both superior products. Film base construct is the same across the board. The difference is in the manufacturing process of adding metals, dies, ceramics, and carbons to the basal substrate. We’ve seen and worked with every film product out there. Twenty years later we are still in business because we work with only the most advanced technologies and superior products.

Do you computer cut?

Only when we are working with our fleet accounts. With 20+ years of experience, we can cut our film by hand faster than you can send the file to the plotter to be cut. So, when it comes to fleet projects it makes sense for us. Otherwise, everything is custom cut with extreme precision and micro-edging results.

What is the best way to make an appointment?

Call or text us with the year | make | model of your vehicle or fill out the and we will let you know our next available window of options. (702) 624-0472 or if you’re not in a hurry you can get an online quote.

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How long does it take?

The typical tint installation, installed by one person, is going to be about two hours.

Do you remove old tint?

No, it’s a pain in the ass. However, for the right price….

Are you open to trade or barter?

Absolutely, that is a win/win for everyone. Offer up!

What else do you do?

Design and print. If you like this website, that’s your first exposure to our design skills. Click here if you are in need.


Remember, these prices include the convenience of our mobile service. If you would like to bring your vehicle to us, we will give you 10% off of the mobile price. Call or text to get in the calendar. (702) 624-0472

Coupe $199

Sedan $249

Wagon $274

Crossover $274

SUV $299

Truck $249

Minivan $349

Touring Van $399+

Exotics $ (call)

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